In order to make our position clear to all our Buyers as well as to our staff and workers, we have set forth a 'Code of Conduct' policy. It is almost non-negotiable requirement so that all staff and workers without any exception follow this Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct of Group-QA has been formulated considering the following major issues of industrial and commercial factors in line with labour laws of the soil.

# Environment
# Factory Conditions
# Safety (Building, Fire and Man Security)
# First Aid
# Employment
# Workers' Rights and Entitlements (Employment Contracts, Wages, Working Hours and OT etc)
# Child Labour
# Indiscrimination
# Freedom of Association
# Forced Labour
# Staff Rights and Entitlements
# Application of Code of Conduct
# Monitoring

S2L FASHIONS complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations of the country. Where such requirements are less stringent, the factory authority would out-line their own directions to meet the international standards as and when necessary.

S2L FASHIONS ensures cleanliness of its premises, floors and every work station. Room temperature of working floors are tolerable, while sufficient ventilation keeps the floors congenially airy. Lighting at every work place is sufficient and separate sanitary facilities for men and woman are adequate, easily accessible and clean.

S2L FASHIONS ensures safety of its all structural establishments, they are well built and properly maintained. All exit routes and doors are clearly marked with 'EXIT' sign, adequate stair-ways and escape routes are in place.

Sufficient number of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, hosepipes, dedicated water reserve and other fire-fighting equipments are available as per the law of the land. These arrangements have been certified to be ok by the concerned govt. authorities.

S2L FASHIONS also arranges adequate safety guards for both PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and machineries. Engineers, mechanics and electricians ensure time to time checking of all machineries, electrical cables, panels, switch boards etc. Training are conducted periodically and all workers are encouraged for using safety gears.

S2L FASHIONS ensures medical attention of its workers. Adequate number of First Aid boxes / facilities are placed on each floor complying the local laws and the person in charge of the First Aid Box area is trained properly. A registered MBBS doctor and a qualified nurse have been posted in the in-house medi-care centre and they take care of the patients as and when necessary. If any worker, while on duty, needs higher medical attention, we provide the same from outside at Company cost.

S2L FASHIONS ensures issuance of appointment letters to all its workers at the time of joining. Age verification is done by own registered doctor before recruitment. Appointment Letter contains the followings:

# Wages structure
# Daily working hours
# Weekly off-day.
# Maximum Over Time work ( not more then 12 hours a week)
# Over Time rates (double of basic wages)
# All kinds of leave (Casual, Sick, Festival and Annual) facilities as per law.
# Maternity leave and benefits thereof as per the provisions of law.

Pay Slips are issued to all workers regularly on the day of wages payment that clearly depicts the break down of their monthly wages. Wages of our workers are always on the higher side that usually exceeds what the Minimum Wages Act demands. Wages of workers are paid by 7th day of the following month.

Service conditions of the workers are governed by the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 and we strictly go by the dictates of the law. Apart from all these, we allow our workers to encash their un-availed Annual leaves at the year-ending.

We are well aware of the basic rights of the workers and their minimum needs at the work place. To ensure a congenial workplace, the prerequisites are: no forcible work, helpful supervisors, compassionate to employee grievances, no physical punishment, no sexual harassment, enjoyment of weekly off-day and other leaves as per law, timely payments of wages etc. On the other hand, easily accessible wash-room facilities, safe drinking water, clean cafeteria, neatly managed day-care centre for the suckling babies, these are the minimum needs of the workers. We ensure all these, because we believe all these elements develop a sense of belonging amongst the workers.

S2L FASHIONS strictly ensures, there is no child labour in its factories. While recruiting the workers, it ensures that the workers must be of minimum 18 years of age and that always be certified by the in-house registered doctor.

S2L FASHIONS employs workers regardless to race, color, gender, religion, political opinion, social or regional origin and marital status.

Workers are free to join associations of their own choice. Authority does not interfere with the workers who wish to law-fully and peacefully associate, organize or bargain collectively. Our workers are always free in selecting or choosing their association or organization.

S2L FASHIONS assigns its responsibility for all matters pertaining to the code of conduct within its organization. The authority also assigns responsibility for implementing this code at all levels and ensures that all employees and workers become aware of the contents of the code by visualizing the same displayed on the notice Board in Bengali language.

S2L FASHIONS assigns duties and responsibilities to its employees for regular monitoring, supervision and strict compliance of the COC. They inspect frequently and keep record if any non-compliant activities are found at floors and sections. Inspection is done without hampering any process or speed of production or any disruption in the performance of works. They may interview the concerned persons where it is deemed necessary for any specific occurrence. Officer in charge of the Code of Conduct (Compliance) reports to the top management from time to time of any non-compliance of this policy and ensures appropriate remedial measures in this regard.

CERTIFIED - (ISO 9001:2008 certified company) - (PPE Article 11 (B) certified from SGS)